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Health Data Supply Chain Projects, 2005-2020

Connecting for Health Prototype NHIN Demonstration    JUNE 2005    Connecting for Health demonstrated simple electronic health data interoperability by remote search and retrieval of patient data among three independent sites. Each site, Massachusetts, Indianapolis, and Mendocino, was hosted on dissimilar technology platforms. Redwood MedNet, operating under a DBA as Mendocino Health Records Exchange, participated as the Mendocino site.
   Achieving Electronic Connectivity in Healthcare   A Preliminary Roadmap, Connecting for Health, 2004
   Nationwide Prototype Launched   Press release by Connecting for Health, June 2005.
   Exchanging Health Information   Article by Connecting for Health team, Health Affairs, September 2005.

NHIN Prototype Architecture Project    NOVEMBER 2005 - JANUARY 2007    Under contract with the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) four teams each built candidate multi-site prototypes to demonstrate scalable nationwide solutions for electronic health data interoperabilty. Redwood MedNet participated as the Mendocino HRE site on the Computer Sciences Corporation / Connecting for Health team.
   [ Summary Report on NHIN Prototype Architectures ]

Open Source Care Data Exchange / OpenEMPI    DECEMBER 2006 - APRIL 2007    Under contract with California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) a team led by Redwood MedNet created a new explicitly open source fork from the legacy proprietary "Care Data Exchange" identity matching software previously developed for the large scale CHCF demonstration project known as the "Santa Barbara County Care Data Exchange." At the conclusion of the demonstration project Redwood MedNet named the new open source fork Open Enterprise Master Patient Index (OpenEMPI). An engineer who helped Redwood MedNet develop the open source demonstration then improved the OpenEMPI code into a formally developed and supported enterprise software package, which is still available today.
   [ Open Source MPI Project ] Poster exhibited by Redwood MedNet at Spring 2008 AMIA Conference.
   [ OpenEMPI ] Web site.

Hospital Lab Results > CDMS    FEBRUARY 2007 - DECEMBER 2007    Redwood MedNet built a real time outpatient laboratory test results delivery service from a hospital laboratory into a chronic disease management software (CDMS) package running at a Community Clinic (FQHC). This project was also the first production use by Redwood MedNet of the Mirth integration engine as a processing node in the delivery of electronic laboratory test results. In this instance, the Mirth software ran on a small form factor appliance.
   [ Mirth First Generation P-1000 Appliance ] purchased February 2007 at SCALE 5x.

ELINCS > EHR    OCTOBER 2008 - SEPTEMBER 2009    Outpatient test results from a hospital laboratory formatted in the ELINCS constrained file format was not able to be parsed by EHR. Part of the problem was that this EHR was unable to distinguish preliminary, final, or amended status for a test result. See and also Implementing the ELINCS Standard. The lab interface implementation was incomplete during the one year ELINCS demonstration project, but the failed lab results delivery project so annoyed the physician that he later received a software update from the EHR vendor that enabled incoming lab test results to behave correctly.

ELINCS > CDMS    FEBRUARY 2009 - APRIL 2009    HL7 v2 test results from hospital laboratory into chronic disease management software (CDMS) at a private specialty practice. [ Diagram ]

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