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Health Informatics Glossary

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LAN   -   Local Area Network for computers, typically within one building.   See WAN

LANES   -   Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services, awarded an HIE Expansion Grant in 2011 by Cal eConnect.   See Cal eConnect

Language   -   See Computer Language

Laser Printer   -   A common type of computer printer that rapidly produces high quality text and graphics on plain paper. Laser printers employ a xerographic printing process but differ from analog photocopiers in that the image is produced by the direct scanning of a laser beam across the printer's photoreceptor.   See PARC

LBNH   -   Long Beach Network for Health, a seminal startup HIE in California, founded in 2003, one of the 18 national Trial Implementation grantees in 2007, renamed Western Health Information Network in 2010, closed in 2011.   See Trial Implementation, WHIN

LDAP   -   Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, specified by RFC 4510, and based on the X.500 computer networking directory standards.   See Protocol, RFC, X.500

LEC   -   [1] Local Extension Center, a term invented by CalREC in the context of the REC portion of the HITECH economic stimulus legislation; [2] Local Exchange Carrier, a local wired telephone service provider.   See CalREC, HITECH, IXC, REC

LHII   -   Local Health Information Infrastructure. A deprecated term no longer in use. "LHII" was based on an assumption that clinical data interoperability services would be built and operated as a data network infrastructure that resembled the telecommunications network infrastructure of a LEC vs. an IXC (i.e., local VS. long distance telephone carriers)   See HIE, HIO, HRE, IXC, LEC, NHII, RHIO

License   -   A permit to own or use physical or intellectual property.   See Intellectual Property, Open Source

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Licensure   -   In health care licensing is formal authorization to practice medicine (by an individual) or to deliver health care services (at a facility). Licensing is a state activity for non-federal healthcare entities.

Limited Data Set   -   In health care a Limited Data Set is stripped of data elements with the intent of preventing re-identification of the original patients. The rise of social media and pervasive data mining opportunities has rendered many "limited" or "de-identified" data sets vulnerable to re-identification.   See De-identified Data

LIMS   -   Laboratory Information Management System.   See LIS

Linkrot   -   Informal term for the presence of broken hyperlinks found on a web page or received in search engine results.   See Hyperlink

Linux   -   A computer operating system, Linux is a prominent example of free software developed under the open source model. Unlike proprietary operating systems such as Windows and Macintosh OS, all of the underlying source code for Linux is available to the public and anyone can freely use, modify, improve, and redistribute it.   See Free Software, Linux Distributions, Open Source, Red Hat

Linux Distributions   -   The major Linux distributions are CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, SuSE, Red Hat, Fedora, Gentoo.   See CentOS, Linux, Open Source, Red Hat

Linux Medical News   -   LinuxMedNews (LMN) is an internet news and discussion site for free and open source software in healthcare.

LIS   -   Laboratory Information System.   See LIMS

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LLP   -   Lower Level Protocol, shortened from MLLP.   See MLLP

LOA   -   Level of Assurance. NIST specifications articulate four levels of assurance (LOA) for the FPKI.   See FPKI, NIST

LOINC   -   Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes, provides structured universal code names and identifiers for medical terminology.   See Regenstrief, RELMA

Long Term Care   -   A category of residential settings for patients who require constant nursing care. Patients in long term care facilities are called "residents." Long term care settings range from nursing or convalescent homes to a skilled nursing facility (SNF). Long term care residents include both elderly and younger adults with physical or mental disabilities. Residents may also receive physical, occupational, and other rehabilitative therapies.   See Patient, Resident, SNF





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