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Health Informatics Glossary

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QA   -   Quality Assurance.   See QI

QBP   -   Query by parameter, an HL7 message requesting immunization history.   See CVX, HL7, MVX, VXU

QI   -   Quality Improvement is a formal measurement and statistical analysis methodology focused on continually optimizing the process that is being studied and measured. QI tools and business process analysis methods emerged in manufacturing but then spread broadly to other sectors, including health care. The foremost practitioner of QI methodologies in healthcare is IHI.   See IHI

QIO   -   Quality Improvement Organization, CMS contractors with assignments to monitor the appropriateness, effectiveness, and quality of care provided to Medicare beneficiaries.   See CMS

QRDA   -   Quality Reporting Data Architecture  

Quality Measure   -   See AHRQ, Effectiveness, Efficacy, NQF





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