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Health Informatics Glossary

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RBAC   -   Role Based Access Control.   See ABAC, PBAC

RDF   -   Resource Description Framework, a series of W3C specifications designed as a metadata data model. RDF provides a method for conceptual description or modeling of information implemented with web resources, using a variety of syntax notations and data serialization formats.   See Metadata, OWL, Semantic Web, W3C

REC   -   Regional Extension Center. A temporary territorial service business established by a federal procurement process managed by ONC in 2009 as part of the appropriations disbursed by the HITECH portion of the ARRA legislation. HITECH over-promised site level consulting services to be delivered by an individual REC to healthcare facilities adopting CEHRT, and underfunded the REC contracts relative to the level of services that were promised by HITECH to support adoption of CEHRT. HITECH appropriations for the RECs ended in 2014, and without subsidy funds most RECs ceased operation.   See ARRA, CalHIPSO, CEHRT, EHR, HITECH, ONC

Recall   -   See Specificity

Recommended   -   An imperative.   See May

Recursion   -   See Recursion

Red Hat   -   An enterprise Linux vendor.   See CentOS, Linux, Open Source

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Redwood MedNet   -   A non-profit health information data network service provider based in Ukiah, California. Redwood MedNet was founded in 2005 to electronically interconnect participants in health care by enabling clinical data interoperability, and to interoperate with national health information technology initiatives. Redwood MedNet began delivery of electronic clinical data in Healdsburg in 2008, and now operates over 100 interfaces and has delivered more than a million clinical messages into EHRs. From 2005 - 2007 during the Prototype Architecture project Redwood MedNet was the fiscal agent for the Mendocino HRE project.   See Clinical Messaging, HIE, Mendocino HRE, NHIN, Prototype Architecture, RHIC

Redwood Health Information Collaborative   -   See RHIC

Reference Implementation   -   In software development the reference implementation is the standard baseline starting point from which all other implementations begin, including customized and next generation versions.

Regenstrief Institute   -   A private non-profit research institute affiliated with Indiana University.   See LOINC, OpenMRS, RELMA

Re-identified Data   -   See Aggregated Data, De-identified Data

Relationship   -   A named connection or correspondence between concepts or terms in a taxonomy or a structured terminology.   See Concept, Hierarchy, Taxonomy, Terminology

RELMA   -   Regenstrief LOINC Mapping Assistant. See LOINC, Regenstrief

Remote Access   -   In computing, remote access refers to logging into a computer network from a remote location, such as logging onto your office computer from home.

Remote Presence   -   Generic term for use of video conference technology to enable remote participation in a meeting. In health care remote presence refers to use of video conference tools to enable remote clinical consultation.   See eICU, Telehealth

Required   -   An imperative.   See Must

Resident   -   [1] A patient at a long term care facility. [2] A stage of postgraduate training in pharmacy or medicine.   See Long Term Care, Patient

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REST   -   Representational State Transfer (REST) is a software architecture for a distributed hypermedia environment, such as the Internet. REST was defined by Roy Fielding. See also RFC 2616. REST is a way to create, read, update or delete information on a server using simple HTTP calls. It is an alternative to more complex mechanisms like SOAP, CORBA and RPC. A REST call is simply an HTTP request to the server. Services that conform to the REST constraints are said to be RESTful.   See Ajax, CORBA, FHIR, HTTP, RFC, RPC, SOAP

RFC   -   In computer network engineering, a Request for Comments (RFC) is a memorandum published by the Internet Engineering Task Force describing methods, behaviors, research, or innovations applicable to the working of the Internet and Internet-connected systems.   See CP, DNS, FTP, HTTP, IETF, Imperative, Internet Protocol, LDAP, MIME, NTP, REST, S/MIME, SASL, SMTP, SNMP, SNTP, SSH, Syslog, TCP, TLS, URL, XML, XMPP

RFD   -   Return Form for Data Capture (RFD) is a service in an IHE environment.   See IHE

RFI   -   Request for Information.   See RFP

RFID   -   Radio Frequency Identification.

RFP   -   Request for Proposal.   See RFI

RHC   -   Rural Health Clinc.   See FQHC

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RHIC   -   The Redwood Health Information Collaborative (RHIC) was formed in 2005 by the Mendocino County Department of Public Health. Funded by an "Information Links" grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, RHIC convened a Steering Committee to investigate the policy implications of data exchange among rural health care providers and Public Health in the Mendocino region. The Steering Committee completed its grant funded deliverables in 2007. Redwood MedNet continued the monthly meetings until December 2009 as a free public webinar, with presentations on health technology and policy. The RHIC Archive contains many documents and presentation files.   See Information Links

RHIO   -   ("ree-oh")   Regional Health Information Organization is a term introduced in 2004 for an HIE operating in a geographically contiguous region. The term had limited usefulness due to the many HIEs that are not strictly regional (e.g., the Veterans Administration, the Indian Health Service, Kaiser Permanente, etc.). To be fair, RHIO displaced the prior term LHII, which was a result of faulty comparison of local health information exchange services to local telephone circuit branch exchanges. Both RHIO and LHII are a result of imagining that the topology for health data exchange must be community-centric. After a brief period of initial use, the term RHIO fell into disuse and is now an historic footnote in the evolution of health data exchange services.   See CalRHIO, CCBH, e-Health Initiative, IHS, LHII, NHIN, VA

RI   -   See Reference Implementation

RIM   -   Reference Information Model.   See CDA, HL7

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RLS   -   Record Locator Service, a specialized implementation of a Master Person Index (MPI) proposed by Connecting for Health, in which the MPI implementation is subordinated to appropriate privacy, security and other health policy imperatives as defined by the Common Framework. An RLS holds information about where health data can be found, but not the health data itself. Thus the RLS structurally separates knowing who the information is about from knowing what the information is, which inherently reduces the risk of privacy spills. See Connecting for Health, HIPAA, MPI, PHI

RLUS   -   Resource Location and Updating Service.   See HSSP

Robo-text   -   The proliferation of canned clinical observation text blocks in EHRs, narrative content that is typically optimized for billing revenue at the potential expense of clinical accuracy.   See CEHRT, GIGO, Noise

RODS   -   Real-time Outbreak and Disease Surveillance, a biosurveillance research laboratory at University of Pittsburg.   See Biosurveillance

ROI   -   Return on Investment.

Rootkit   -   Software designed to hide from normal methods of detection. Typically malicious and used to circumvent security or to mount an attack.   See Malware

Router   -   A router is a computing device that connects two or more computer networks and selectively interchanges packets of data between them.

RPC   -   In computer science a remote procedure call (RPC) allows a computer program to execute a subroutine or procedure in another address space (commonly on another computer on a shared network) without the programmer explicitly coding the details for the remote interaction.   See REST

RPMS   -   Resource and Patient Management System is an integrated EHR developed by the Indian Health Service for the management of clinical, business and administrative information in healthcare facilities ranging in size from small part time clinics to hospitals. Architecturally, RPMS is a cousin (literally, a programming fork two decades ago) of the VistA EHR operated by the VA, and retains substantial shared code.   See EHR, IHS, VA, VistA

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RS-232   -   An RS-232 serial port was once a standard feature of personal computers, used for connection to modems, printers, mice, data storage, uninterruptible power supplies, and other peripheral devices. However, low transmission speed, large voltage swing, and large standard connectors motivated development of the universal serial bus, which has displaced RS-232 from most of its peripheral interface roles. Many modern personal computers have no RS-232 ports and must use an external converter to connect to older peripherals. RS-232 devices are still found, especially in industrial machines or scientific instruments.   See Bluetooth, Modem

Rules Engine   -   See Business Rules Engine

RVU   -   Relative Value Unit in the Medicare PFS.   See CMS, MPFS

RWJF   -   Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

RXA   -   The pharmacy administration portion of an HL7 message.   See HL7

RxNORM   -   A standardized nomenclature for clinical drugs developed and maintained by the National Library for Medicine as part of the UMLS.   See NLM, UMLS





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