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2014 Health Information Exchange Conference

What is the Safety Net Scholarship?
The safety net clinic scholarship is supported by the California HealthCare Foundation, based in Oakland, California. The scholarship will allow up to fifteen awards for staff members at safety net clinics. The scholarship lowers the cost for a staff member to $100 per registration for the 2014 Redwood MedNet conference.

What is a Safety Net Clinic?
California safety net clinics are defined not by legal terms or by organizational structures or by scope of practice but by a common mission to provide health care services to individuals and their families regardless of a patient's ability to pay. For a detailed analysis see the CHCF Report California Safety Net Clinic Primer.

Who qualifies for the safety net clinic scholarship?
The staff member must be a current employee at a safety net clinic in California. A contractor who is not an employee of the clinic does not qualify.

Fifteen Scholarships are available.
The scholarships are offered on a rolling basis until all 15 are awarded.
Note: 12 of 15 scholarships have been awarded as of June 30th

QUESTIONS? - Unsure if you qualify for the safety net scholarship? Send questions by email to