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What Is HIE?
Goals of Redwood MedNet (2011)
Goals of Redwood MedNet (2005)
A Short History of Redwood MedNet
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[ Noun -- defined by RWMN in 2008 ]  
A health information exchange (HIE) is a secure data service that utilizes national standards to enable the electronic transfer of clinical information among health care facilities.

[ Verb -- ONC definition in 2008 ]   Health information exchange (HIE) is the electronic movement of health-related information among organizations according to nationally recognized standards.

PERSPECTIVE   [ Redwood MedNet in 2014 ]
Redwood MedNet asserts that the term "Health Information Exchange" (HIE) may have outlived its usefulness. Over the past decade conventional wisdom has held that a simple distinction between definitions of "HIE as a noun" and "HIE as a verb" (see above) was sufficient to help users understand the important role of HIE services in establishing clinical data interoperability. Today (writing in 2014) the distinction between noun and verb seems inadequate for three reasons. First, health care software vendors have consistently conflated a user requirement to provision real time clinical data interoperability among EHRs and other clinical software environments (i.e., HIE the verb) with the opportunity to sell clinical data repository software accessed via user portals. However, Redwood MedNet points out that our users do not ask for a portal they can query for data; instead, Redwood MedNet users ask for HIE as real time electronic clinical data supply chain messaging services fully integrated with their EHR. Second, due to recent high profile developments in the business side of health care, "HIE" as an acronym is now conflated with "Health Insurance Exchange." Third, as described in a recent research paper, "continuous collection of real-time, highly dynamic environmental, genetic, and physiological data is now possible." Redwood MedNet notes that the arrival of real time "exposome" data may be the tipping point to help users demand next generation clinical software that does not strand data in silos.   [ quote from Sanchez, Gray, et al., JAMIA, May 2014 ]   [ Link to Redwood MedNet HIE Services ]


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The purpose of Redwood MedNet is to investigate and support optimal workflow solutions for the secure and appropriate sharing of electronic health files and clinical data, and to develop, improve and assist in the implementation of health information technology for health care providers, their business associates, and health care consumers.
[ "Statement of Charitable Purpose" as filed with the IRS ]


To enhance the quality of health care for all residents of Mendocino, Lake and Sonoma Counties

To facilitate the individual and collective practice of medicine

To encourage adoption of Electronic Health Records

To interconnect all participants in the local health care community

To collaborate with regional, State and Federal health information technology initiatives

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A Short History of Redwood MedNet
[ JULY 2004 ]   Carl Henning, MD, initiates a monthly meeting to discuss local participation in the emerging national health information exchange agenda. Participants in the first meeting:
    Peter Cho, MD   Family Practice Physician
    Robert Faulk   Executive Director, Mendocino-Lake County Medical Society
    Carl Henning, MD   Orthopedic Surgeon
    Will Ross   CTO, Alliance for Rural Community Health
    Robert Rushton, MD   Family Practice Physician
    Greg Wenneson   Project Manager, Alliance for Rural Community Health

[ AUGUST 2004 ]   Steering Committee begins meeting monthly at the office of the Mendocino-Lake Medical Society to investigate development of a local clinical messaging service.

[ APRIL 2005 ]   Steering Committee begins formation of a new non-profit organization to acellerate local adoption of health information technology; monthly meeting moves to Ukiah Valley Medical Center

[ MAY 2005 ]   Redwood MedNet chosen as name of new organization

[ JUNE 2005 ]   Funding for incorporation of Redwood MedNet as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit provided by a grant from the Foundation for Medical Care for Lake and Mendocino Counties [ Note: the Foundation was closed and its assets dispersed in February 2016 ]

[ AUGUST 2005 ]   Redwood MedNet Articles of Incorporation filed with the State of California;   initial 501(c)(3) status granted to Redwood MedNet

[ SEPTEMBER 2005 ]   Founding Board of Directors (BoD) seated, with all nine members from Ukiah; Clinical Messaging grant received from Blue Shield of California Foundation

[ DECEMBER 2005 ]   IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter received; BoD approves "dba" for Mendocino HRE participation in the NHIN Prototype Architecture contract with ONC

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[ OCTOBER 2006 ]   Redwood MedNet and Mendocino County Public Health submit feedback to the ONC Biosurveillance Working Group

[ JANUARY 2007 ]   Redwood MedNet Project Manager participates in the HIE Business Model Plenary Session at the ONC Third Nationwide Health Information Network Forum

[ APRIL 2007 ]   Pilot testing of electronic laboratory result data stream begins at Healdsburg District Hospital using the Mirth open source health data integration engine

[ JULY 2007 ]   First annual Redwood MedNet Conference on interoperability of electronic clinical data presented in Ukiah

[ JANUARY 2008 ]   HIE expansion grant received from UnitedHealth Group / PacifiCare

[ APRIL 2008 ]   Production delivery of electronic laboratory results begins from the outpatient laboratory at Healdsburg District Hospital to Alliance Medical Center, an FQHC in Northern Sonoma County

[ JULY 2008 ]   Second annual Redwood MedNet Conference on interoperability of electronic clinical data presented in Ukiah

[ NOVEMBER 2008 ]   Public Demonstration of the Redwood MedNet clinical messaging service at Healdsburg District Hospital; launch laboratory results delivery from Quest Diagnostics

[ JUNE 2009 ]   Public demonstration of CONNECT Federal NHIN Gateway (v2.0)

[ JULY 2009 ]   Third annual Redwood MedNet Conference on interoperability of electronic clinical data presented in Healdsburg

[ SEPTEMBER 2009 ]   Begin production delivery of radiology reports at Healdsburg District Hospital

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[ FEBRUARY 2010 ]   Production demonstration of NHIN-enabled CONNECT gateway (v2.1) exchanging patient data with Thayer County Health Services in Nebraska

[ MARCH 2010 ]   Demonstration of NHIN-enabled CONNECT gateway (v2.3) at HIMSS Interoperability Showcase in Atlanta

[ JULY 2010 ]   Fourth annual Redwood MedNet Conference on interoperability of electronic clinical data presented in Santa Rosa, featuring a demonstration of the then current NHIN Direct data exchange protocols.

[ FEBRUARY 2011 ]   Demonstration of Direct Messaging protocol in HIMSS Interoperability Showcase; HIE expansion grant received from Cal eConnect.

[ JULY 2011 ]   Fifth annual Redwood MedNet Conference on interoperability of electronic clinical data presented in Santa Rosa

[ DECEMBER 2011 ]   Redwood MedNet invited to exchange data with the Veterans Administration, and approved by the Coordinating Committee of the Nationwide Health Information Network.

[ FEBRUARY 2012 ]   Redwood MedNet participates in a demonstration of intra-state clinical data exchange among HIOs in the HIMSS 2012 Interoperability Showcase.

[ JULY 2012 ]   Sixth annual Redwood MedNet Conference on interoperability of electronic clinical data presented in Rohnert Park. Redwood MedNet launches a YouTube Channel.

[ NOVEMBER 2012 ]   The first of four HIE Expansion grant awards received from the California Health eQuality (CCHeQ) program at the Institute for Population Health Improvement.

[ MARCH 2013 ]   Redwood MedNet participates in a demonstration of interstate clinical data exchange in the HIMSS 2013 Interoperability Showcase.

[ JULY 2013 ]   Seventh annual Redwood MedNet Conference on interoperability of electronic clinical data presented in Santa Rosa

[ JULY 2014 ]   Eighth annual Redwood MedNet Conference on interoperability of electronic clinical data presented in Santa Rosa

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Board of Directors
Mark Apfel, MD   [ Secretary ]   Family Practice, Anderson Valley Health Center
Jedidiah Smith   [ Treasurer ]   Attorney
Carl Henning, MD   [ President ]   Retired Orthopedic Surgeon, Ukiah Valley Primary Care
Ray Hino, MHA   Outpatient Surgery Center Administrator
Martin Love, MBA   CEO, Humboldt Del Norte IPA
Tom Reidenbach, PharmD   [ Vice-President ]   Retired Pharmacist
Robert Rushton, MD   Family Practice Physician

TWO VACANCIES:   MD or Epidemiologist wanted to fill a 3 year term on the BOD

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BOD  -  12:30 PM - 1:30 PM, Ukiah Valley Medical Center, Third Fridays


services -(at)- redwoodmednet -(dot)- org






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